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Classic style sunglasses

The famous classic style sunglasses originate from the famous brand Ray Ban and have been a popular trend since the 50's-60's. It is one of the best sold styles in the world and there is good reason for that. The design fits well on both men and women and a large variety of face shapes. In other words, there is a very high probability that these sunglasses fit you well. Our version is made with an acetate front frame and real wooden temples. These will quickly become your favorite pair of sunglasses!

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Specifications of our classic style

Our classic style is based on the classic design. Comes with varies choices of wood and lens colors. Check the table below for more information.

Size 54-20-140 
Frame width 145 mm
Wood temples Walnut, Ebony, Zebra, Bamboo
Lens colors Black, Blue, Silver
Front material Acetate, matte black
Lens material Black: TAC, Mirrored: CR39
Polarized / UV400 Yes / Yes

What our customers think

What customers on Amazon think

Walnut wood sunglasses with black polarized lenses
Quality-price Value

We love these glasses, we have bought 3 different types and no regrets at all. These are awesome! Many people have complimented my boyfriend's glasses, and believe that are pretty expensive to afford them since looks like a high-price brand due to the design and shape.

They have a new case that I found more convenient for daily travel, but the wood case is unbelievable stunning, personally a plus! As well as, the fact the darkness of the glasses will protect your eyes from the sun, in all sense 100000% recommended.
Amazon Customer / Amazon Canada
Walnut wood sunglasses blue mirrored lenses - angle
Ideal for both men and women

I bought GoWood walnut wood sunglasses with blue mirrored polarized lenses as a birthday gift for my husband. I was initially worried if they would look flashy. However, they looked just perfect on him. The photos on the company website are taken only with women for blue lenses, but these look equally good on men.They fit comfortably on any face (even I tried them). The look is exactly as shown in the pic and the vision is yellow but clear. No issues with the quality as yet.

Shambhavi / Amazon Canada
Ebony wood sunglasses with blue mirrored lenses
Comfortable eco sunglasses, amazing service!

Bought these sunglasses a few months ago for my partner's birthday. He needed strong sunglasses that are polarised. He loved them!

I also bought myself a pair straight after as they feel so light and are very comfortable!!

There are none of these plastic pieces supporting the glasses on your nose. Big plus when you wear them on your head. They don't get stuck in your hair and you don't loose a ton of them trying to remove them from the plastic (oh and no red marks from the plastic bits as well).

Also, amazing amazing customer service. I want to say thank you. We did have a little issue but it has been solved above and beyond our expectations like I've never ever seen before.

Don't hesitate. This is a must buy!
A Drt / Amazon UK
Ebony wood sunglasses with black polarized lenses
Excellent sunglasses

These have to be one of the most comfortable sunglasses I've ever had. They are so light you barely know you're wearing them. And they have a perfect retro kind of look.
Glenn J. Miller B / Amazon Canada
Walnut wood sunglasses with black polarized lenses
Very Stylish and excellent quality

I wasn't really expecting a very high quality when I purchased this shades, but oh boy, I was proved completely wrong. The colors are stunning. The wooden arms are flawless, with no warping and a smooth finish. The color is deep and the grain is fine. The lenses are dark and of excellent quality.I was so impressed with them the first time I bought them, and I used them every day that they became my favorite shades.I lost it two months ago and was devastated. I liked it so much that I bought it again.The sunglasses are of very high quality, as is the wooden case.My wife kept the case to store items in her office, so it was a win-win situation for both of us.
Henry B / Amazon UK
Walnut wood sunglasses with black polarized lenses
Comfortable eco sunglasses, amazing service!

Incredible looking pair of sunglasses, eco frames made of beautiful wood to rival Ray Bans. Liked them so much I got a pair for a relative too! After a few months my pair was getting a bit loose and after asking for advice on how to tighten them, the company was kind enough to send me a brand new pair....incredibly kind gesture, absolutely unexpected! Wonderful customer service overall on what are a gorgeous pair of sunglasses! Highly recommended the product and their service.
K / Amazon UK
Bamboo wood sunglasses wayfarer style with blue mirrored polarized lenses
High quality

Great sunglasses. These are my second pair, and I would recommend these to everyone.
Julian T. / Amazon Canada
Zebra wood sunglasses with blue mirrored lenses
Good quality, nice looking and affordable!

My husband lost too many expensive sunglasses so we were looking for a good quality but affordable option. These are awesome! They look good, the polarized lenses are nice and springs are great.
Country girl / Amazon Canada