Introducing: Canada’s most beautiful wireless charger

Say no to plastic!

Exactly as advertised

Works well. Needs a quality charging block to charge at full speed. Does 15w with Samsung. I’m happy.

Adam Bergeron / Amazon

Stylish. Works great. Big enough to hold phone and charge fully

Stylish. Works great. Big enough to hold phone and charge fully

Customer Al / Amazon

Attractive & Great for bedside wireless charging

So far this charger works and looks great-use it bedside. Yes you may need to place your phone in a certain way to ensure charger is engaged but not an issue at all for me and waaaay better than having to plug in a cord to the phone. I’m ordering a 2nd one.

CD / Amazon
Charge Your Phone The Easy Way

5 reasons why a wood wireless charger is better

1. Convenience

The convenience of just dropping your phone on the charger and picking it up again when you need it, is unparalelled.

Never worry about searching for your cable or charger again. Never worry about having the right cable neither. Placing your phone on the charger is all it takes. It cannot be simpler!

2. Say no to plastic

Wouldn’t a world without plastic be better off? Why purchase more products made of plastic, while there is an alternative available?

Our chargers are made of real 100% wood. The only plastic used are parts of the cable and the circuit board inside. The rest? All wood. Real wood.

Wood regrows and our sustainably harvested woods make sure they are meant for production, for example for these beautiful wireless chargers.