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Lunettes de soleil rondes sans monture

Bien que nous observons l'apparition des lunettes de soleil rondes dès le 19ème siècle, l'un des premiers looks tendances de lunettes rondes est le célèbre style Windsor. Une paire de lunettes parfaitement symétrique avec des verres circulaires. Des lunettes très populaires et portées par plusieurs grandes célébrités comme John Lennon et Ghandi.

Depuis, ce style de lunettes a bien évolué et est aujourd'hui extrêmement populaires autant chez les hommes que les femmes. Les lunettes de soleil rondes en bois se marient particulièrement bien avec les visages carrés ou étroits. Nos lunettes de soleil Rio n'ont pas une monture traditionnelle. Elles sont équipées d'une lentille monobloc qui recouvre totalement le cadre et le pont des lunettes. Les branches sont bien sûr en bois naturel. Ces lunettes de soleil sont parmi les plus légères du marché. Essayez-les, vous ne serez pas déçu!

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Lunettes de soleil rondes en bois - Spécifications

Nos lunettes de soleil rondes en bois Rio ont un design moderne et très original. Choisissez parmi différentes essences de bois et de lentilles.

Largeur du cadre145 mm
Branches en boisNoyer, Ébène, Zèbre, Bambou
Couleurs des lentillesNoir, Bleu, Or, Argent
Monture avantSans rebord, cadre en polycarbonate blanc givré
Type de lentilleTAC
Polarisé / UV400Oui / Oui

Commentaires de nos clients

Avis de nos client d'Amazon

Round ebony wood sunglasses with dark grey polarized lens

Love them!

These are the lightest, most comfortable pair of sunglasses I have ever tried on! They take comfort to a whole new level! Super lightweight yet also solid. Every time I wear them I get tons of compliments. I love that they have UV protection too. I will definitely be checking out the other styles! I absolutely recommend them!

Trish / Amazon Canada
Round walnut wood sunglasses left

Quality where it counts

Very light, very well made, very stylish and very dark tint polarised sunglasses for only £33. Great value. Of course, a designer label would probably treble the price, but you seldom get sunglasses as good as this from fashion houses. Optics companies like Ray Ban, Randolph Engineering, Serengeti etc will have better lenses, but you do pay for that. Armani, CK etc. won't come close to the quality you're getting from Gowood, though, with the quality hinges, amazingly lightweight arms and two-tone frame, the glasses are as stylish as designer brands (to my mind, more stylish), but with far superior polarised lenses, which really cut through glare and maintain colours and contrast. The only negative is the presentation box, which is simply too large and heavy for everyday use - it's OK for storage in situ, but it's too bulky to carry around, so if you want a hard carry case, you'll need to buy/find another.

Gowood might not be a label you show off, but you'll be hard pushed to find a better pair of sunglasses at even three times the price.

PeeBee / Amazon UK
Round walnut wood sunglasses left

Great Quality!

Absolutely love these. They are SO light! You can barely feel them. Nice wood. Polarised. It's simple, you put them on and you feel so comfortable and relieved from the aggressive sunlight. Bought a pair for my partner and had to buy some for myself. Highly recommended.

A Drt / Amazon UK
Round walnut wood sunglasses left

Nice spare sunglasses

I bought these to leave in my husband's vehicle since I sometimes forget my sunglasses (especially if we leave before the sun is out).

These sunglasses are super light. When you put them on, they don't weigh down like typical sunglasses.

The tint of the lenses is nice a dark shade giving perfect over. I like the full coverage and prefer this dark tint.

Only negative for me is the white/frosted frame on which the lenses are placed on. I wish they had made it black or brown/wood to match the frames. It is distracting every time I put on my sunglasses. I am not sure why they went with this stark contrast that only the wearer can see.

I definitely would buy this same brand. My husband also has a pair that are quite nice. I hope they come out with more styles for different face shapes.

Alberta / Amazon Canada
Round bamboo wood sunglasses with dark grey polarized lens

Fashionable and comfortable sunglasses

The Sunglasses arrive in a neat wooden protective case, with a little carry bag that doubles as a lens cleaner. They sunglasses are a great fit and don't fall off easily. So far I am very pleased with them.

David H / Amazon Canada
Round bamboo wood sunglasses with dark grey polarized lens

Super Quality and Stylish product!

I did not know that brand but I thought let's give it a go, it is local, wood based and really affordable but I am actually amazed by the quality of those sunglasses.
They are super light to wear, really nice and they look trendy like hipster style and the box is beautiful. I can't recommend enough, this product is an amazing value for money ! Go for it you won't be disappointed.

Axelle / Amazon Canada
Round zebra wood sunglasses with dark grey polarized lens

Awesome Product!

These are such great glasses! Everything on them is great! I even bought 2 more pairs!

Already bought several brands and this one surprised me on the Super positive side. Got a 2nd pair and one for my wife.

Comfortable, lightweight and a huge value for money. It really it is what is described.

Luis L. / Amazon UK
Round bamboo wood sunglasses with dark grey polarized lens

Great buy!

Love these sunglasses! Really light and a bit different which I like. Fit really well and very reasonable price.

M. C. S. / Amazon UK