Discover GOWOOD across North America: Find your nearest store

Visit a local retailer near you and explore the diverse range of GOWOOD’s wooden accessories that have captured the essence of eco-friendly fashion. With over 75 stores that carrys the GOWOOD brand across Canada and the United States, you’re never far from experiencing the allure of GOWOOD’s wood accessories. Explore wood sunglasses, wood phone cases, wood chargers, and wood watches that combine elegance and sustainability.

Our uniqueness, near you

Embark on a journey of style and sustainability by finding a store near you. With our interactive map, it’s easy to locate the nearest store to your location. Simply enter your postal code and unveil a world of wooden wonders that redefine fashion and conscientious choices.

      Shop GOWOOD on Amazon in Europe

      For our valued European customers, while we do not have physical stores carrying our brand in Europe, we offer convenient options for you to explore our products. You can shop GOWOOD on Amazon and experience fast and free delivery with Amazon Prime. Choose from the links below to discover our range of wood products on Amazon’s various European shops:

      Amazon UK
      Amazon Germany
      Amazon France
      Amazon Italy
      Amazon Netherlands
      Amazon Spain

      Worldwide Shipping Available

      And for those beyond North America and Europe, don’t worry – GOWOOD ships its exceptional products worldwide. You can enjoy the elegance and sustainability of GOWOOD’s products no matter where you are.

      Experience GOWOOD at your favorite retailer near you.