Sunglasses, phone cases and chargers

We offer a standard 90 day warranty period on our sunglasses, phone cases and wireless chargers. The warranty is limited to manufacturing defects or transport damage. For example: broken hinges, broken frames without impact or lens-breakage or damage, or damage during transport. (Note: if damage occurred during transport, please report this within 24 hours after receipt of the package). 

Is your wireless charger not working out of the package? Please, read our Frequently Asked Questions to see if you can resolve the problem. Also, please verify if your device actually allows for wireless charging. 


Watches are covered with a limited standard one-year warranty covering factory defects. Examples: battery is not empty, but watch is not working, damage during transport. Not covered: self inflicted damage. Are you experiencing an issue with your watch? Please, first refer to our Frequently Asked Questions.

Extend your warranty

We offer an extended warranty free of charge. Turn your 90 days warranty on sunglasses, phone cases or charges into a 180 day warranty. Or turn your one-year warranty on your watch into a year-and-a-half warranty! Registration will also give you a 15% coupon code for your next purchase! In short: nothing to lose, everything to gain. All you have to do is register your purchase with us and that’s it!

File a claim

To submit a warranty claim, you can simply contact us and send us a photo of the problem along with your order ID. If your claim is deemed a factory defect we will initiate the replacement procedure.