GOWOOD & Tree Canada

Tree replanting with your GOWOOD Sunglasses

Discover how your fashion choices can make a positive impact on the environment

Are you passionate about both style and sustainability? At GOWOOD, we believe that fashion can go hand in hand with responsible entrepreneurship. Our commitment to eco-friendly practices goes beyond just crafting premium wood products – it extends to nurturing the environment that inspires us.

Why trees matter – Tree replanting with Tree Canada

Did you know that Canada’s timber industry is a significant contributor to its economy? As a responsible business, we recognize the importance of replenishing what we use. That’s why we’ve partnered with Tree Canada, Canada’s largest organization for tree replanting programs. With over 80 million trees planted so far, Tree Canada is making a real difference in both urban and rural areas.

Your Purchase, Your Contribution

When you purchase a pair of GOWOOD sunglasses on our website, you’re not just accessorizing – you’re contributing to reforestation efforts across Canada. Here’s how it works: for every pair of sunglasses sold, we proudly donate $1 to Tree Canada. But it doesn’t stop there. Your $1 contribution plays a pivotal role in planting trees across urban and rural Canada, helping to restore green spaces, purify the air, and create a more sustainable habitat.

At Tree Canada, they turn your dollar into action. For every $4 donated, they plant a tree – a living testament to your commitment to a greener world. This means that for every four pairs of GOWOOD sunglasses sold, a brand new tree takes root, creating a lasting legacy that resonates with each stylish accessory you wear.

GOWOOD & Tree Canada

Together, We Grow a Greener Tomorrow

By choosing GOWOOD, you’re making a statement that echoes through time. You’re saying “yes” to style, “yes” to quality, and “yes” to a greener, healthier Earth. Want to learn more about Tree Canada’s incredible efforts? Check out their website and see the impact of tree replanting on carbon offsetting, and the growth of green spaces in our communities all over Canada.

Ready to Make a Difference? Choose GOWOOD. Choose Sustainability. Choose Style.