Ecologically responsible entrepeneurship is important to GoWood. Not only do we use eco-friendly woods to produce our products with, we also like to give something back to the environment. By replanting trees GoWood aims to give back what we use.

Canada is known for its vast number of woods. The timber industry in Canada is large. Wood export is number 7 in Canada’s top 10 of export products, making up 2.7% of the total export balance sheet, with a value of over $12 billion (Canadian) dollars. Already provinces like BC and QC provide environmentally friendly produce of woods and timber, but there is always more to be done.

That’s where Tree Canada comes in. Tree Canada is Canada’s biggest organisation which provides tree (re)planting programs throughout the entire country in both rural and urban areas. For example, they plant trees in school yards, playgrounds as well as in rural areas to offset carbon dioxide emissions. In total Tree Canada has planted over 80 million trees so far and hopefully with our combined support it will become much more.

In our commitment to responsible entrepeneurship GoWood will donate $1 per sold pair of sunglasses to Tree Canada. And because each tree costs $4 to plant, for every 4 pairs of sunglasses one new tree will be planted.

Visit the website of Tree Canada to learn more about their programs.