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Fast wood wireless charger

Our wood wireless charger is compact in size, with less than 88 mm diameter and 9 mm height, ultra light with only 45 grams, yet strong in performance. Putting your phone on the wireless charger will activate the charge immediately and the LED indicates clearly if the charge has been activated, obstructed or completed. Charging power ranges from 5W to 15W, depending on how it's plugged and which phone you are charging.

Less plastic

Our goal with this product was to eliminate as much plastics as possible, so the charger comes in a carton box, inside a microfiber pouch. That's right, one you can also use to clean your sunglasses with! Taking the charger with you on any trip is now even easier with this protective pouch. To complete the deal, we include a 2m braided USB cable. Extra long, so you never have to worry about where this goes on your desk. And braided, to simply increase longevity and quality.

Fast Wood Wireless Charger
Fast Wood Wireless Charger
Fast Wireless Charger
Fast Wooden Wireless Charger

Fast wood wireless charger specifications

Size 88 mm diameter x 9 mm height
Wood  Walnut, Zebra
Power output 5W - 15W
Compatibility All Qi enabled devices
LED indication Yes
USB cable Included, 2m length, braided
QC adapter Not included

What our customers think of our wood wireless chargers

What customers on Amazon think

Walnut Wood Wireless Charger
Good product, great customer service

I have been using this charger for my AirPods 2, and it's been very good so far. I did have a slight issue with it but Gowood customer service was quick, and resolved the problem very quickly for me.

The wood cladding of the charger is a very nice addition to my desk. It's a nice change in look from the traditional black plastic you see with these kinds of chargers.

It comes with a very high quality braided cable, which is nice to see. Typically with these chargers you get a cheap cable, but the one included with this charger is very high quality. It does not come with a wall plug, however, so you will need to provide your own. I have mine plugged into a USB hub on my desk, and that works for AirPods, but for an iPhone 12 for example, you might need a more robust power source.

Overall I'm very happy with Gowood and can definitely recommend them as a good seller and makers of quality products.
Cornfedpig / Amazon Canada
Walnut Wood Wireless Charger
Stylish charger

I love the design of this fast walnut wood wireless charger... the wood looks great and it works perfectly.

The walnut wood is very cool to use because I’ve never seen any like this before that actually charges my phone. This charger is easy to use and it’s easily portable because it’s lightweight and small. I’ve had no issues using this charger with my iPhone, I sometimes have to take it off and put it back on to get the charge working but once it’s charging it stays charging. The included braided USB cable is good quality and it’s a good length.
Rapunxel / Amazon Canada
Zebra Wood Wireless Charger
Very attractive charger

I'm always looking for less sterile and black plastic accessories to add to my desk and nightstand, and this Gowood charger is a very welcome addition. It looks great and works perfectly. I've been using it to charge my AirPods and my iPhone X with no issues at all.

In the box is the charger itself, a braided cable, and a carrying bag. The braided cable is a nice addition, as I have never seen a braided cable included with a charger. I prefer braided cables as they last longer and feel much more premium.

There is no wall plug included, however, so you'll have to provide your own or attach the charger to a power strip that has USB connectors.

Overall I love this Gowood charger, and it's a really beautiful mix of wood and modern tech. It's very unique and works perfectly - can't ask for much more than that.
Cornfedpig / Amazon Canada
Zebra Wood Wireless Charger
Saves unplugging and plugging my phone. Cool looking charger

I have been using this wireless charger for my Samsung cell phone and it works well. It also looks very cool and would make a good gift.

First thing that seems to go on previous cell phones is the port where that I have constantly been using to charge my phone. Wireless chargers prevent that wear and tear.
Sara / Amazon Canada