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Fast wood wireless charger

Our wood wireless charger is compact in size, with less than 88 mm diameter and 9 mm height, ultra light with only 45 grams, yet strong in performance. Putting your phone on the charger will activate the charge immediately and the LED indicates clearly if the charge has been activated, obstructed or completed.

Charging power ranges from 5W to 10W, depending on how it’s plugged and which phone you are charging.

We offer two different wood types: the ever popular walnut wood and the beautifully striped zebra wood.

Less plastic

Our goal with this product was to eliminate as much plastics as possible, so the charger comes in a carton box, inside a microfiber pouch. That’s right, one you can also use to clean your sunglasses with! Taking the charger with you on any trip is now even easier with this protective pouch.

To complete the deal, we include a 2m braided USB cable. Extra long, so you never have to worry about where this goes on your desk. And braided, to simply increase longevity and quality. Check out the chargers below for further information.