Dutch skateboarder Remco Stolze rocking Go Woods wood sunglasses

Go Wood has a big following in the skateboarders scene. This is not for no reason, as skateboarders ride on wood and our style of wood sunglasses match excellent with their style and looks. The painted and pressed skateboard models are of course amongst the most popular styles skateboarders like to wear. Go Wood is also proud to have been part of the Jackalope skateboard festival 2015.

One of the (sponsored) European skateboarders who showed interest in Go Wood’s sunglasses is Remco Stolze from Rotterdam in The Netherlands. We had the chance to sit down with him for an interview and some shots. Talking to him was really great, he went on about skateboarding, style and of course sunglasses.

“Standing out in the crowd is an important feature as a skateboarder. Not only in skill, but also in looks. It’s part of who you are. ‘Style above function’ applies to a lot of us. People call me ‘the beast’ because I’m a big, rough and crusty skater. I love speed and powerful skating. It doesn’t have to be perfect, as long as it is looks strong.

I think I would call my personal style ‘rockabilly’. Combining a black bomber jack with chino pants. Or workware and biker style items, with sometimes some crazy shirts in Hawaian style. Even though I have a big beard and the ‘Scumbag boogie’ style hairdo, I’d like to keep myself far away from the hipster style.

What I love about Go Wood is that the skateboard models are unique and made of skateboard wood. It breaths craftsmanship, which reminds me of skaters. We are creators too. The authenticity of the Toulouse model fits my classic hairdo as well.”

wood sunglasses skateboarder Remco Stolze 1

wood sunglasses skateboarder Remco Stolze 1

wood sunglasses skateboarder Remco Stolze 2

wood sunglasses skateboarder Remco Stolze 3