GoWood wooden sunglasses available in Mode Echo

We are happy to announce that our GoWood wooden sunglasses are now for sale in clothing store Mode Echo in St-Sauveur in Quebec, Canada. A great opportunity to hold, touch and try the sunglasses! Modecho and sister shop Et Voila are located on Rue Principale and are independant stores which offer 100% self imported clothing lines from Paris, Los Angeles and other haute culture locations.

With their keen eye on “what’s hot and what’s not” we felt their and our missions are very similar and that the GoWood wooden sunglasses match their clothing lines and accessories very well.

Furthermore, for our other fellow Canadians or neighbouring Americans, it is good to know that St-Sauveur is a great picturesque little town in the province of Quebec, with lots of things to do. Snowboarding, ice skating, gliding, dog sledding and more. There are great restaurants and lots of independant stores with merchandise you will not find elsewhere. A real recommendation for a weekend trip.

If you would like to touch and try them for yourself, come over to Modecho and we will be glad to serve you.

Mode Echo
255 rue Principale
St-Sauveur, QC

Wooden Sunglasses available at ModEcho St Sauveur
GoWood Wooden Sunglasses available at ModEcho