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iPhone XR wood cases, XS Max and Samsung S9 (Plus) and A8 (Plus) wood cases

Christmas gift idea: iPhone XR wood cases

There is not a better time than right now to let you know that we’ve added many new phone cases to our store. Among others we added iPhone XR wood cases, iPhone XS Max cases and the latest Samsung Galaxy cases.

With Christmas Shopping in full swing, everybody is looking to find the perfect gift for their loved ones. But it can be rather difficult to find a gift that is a) useful, b) affordable, c) unique and d) will almost certainly make the receiving party smile when opening the box. Most likely you are not buying gift(s) for only one person, but for quite a few! Parents, brothers, sisters, friends, maybe even your kids,… it can get costly very quickly.

That is why we think the GoWood phone cases especially make for an excellent gift. We believe they fulfill the four requirements mentioned above, plus the phone cases come in a very nice gift-able white box. All you have to do is wrap and you’re done! And to make sure you have the highest probability of being able to give a case away, we have recently added all the new iPhone and Samsung phone types.

New iPhone XS, XS Max and XR wood cases

Since the iPhone XS has identical sizes to the already existing iPhone X, you can simply purchase the iPhone X case for both phone types. To check out the phone cases for each respective phone, follow these links:

New Samsung Galaxy S9 (Plus) and A8 (Plus) wood cases

For Samsung we did not only add the latest S9 and S9 Plus cases, but since the A-line is getting more and more popular, we also added their latest A8 and A8 Plus phones. To check out the phone cases for each respective phone, follow these links:

iPhone XR wood cases

As always we offer the four famous GoWood styles for all phone types: Tree engraved, Deer engraved, World Map engraved or the beautiful natural walnut. So far we have seen that the iPhone XR is the most popular phone. If you’d like to read about this more affordable new iPhone style, we recommend checking out the Apple website about the iPhone XR.