retro womens sunglasses Milan

New retro womens sunglasses and unisex sunglasses with three layers of wood

After the launch of the Bangkok wayfarer sunglasses, we are happy to announce the launch of two more new beautifully designed wooden sunglasses. The first one is a retro style pair of womens sunglasses, made of ebony and maple. The other is a unisex wayfarer-ish model made of bubinga and ebony wood. What makes these models exceptionally special is that they’re built up out of three layers. It makes the frame strong and the style unique and very beautiful.

Retro womens sunglasses

The retro womens sunglasses model is called ´Milan´ and is a slight oversized model, meaning the lenses are relatively big for the frame size. Don´t worry though, the frame itself is not super big and this model fits very well on smaller faces.

Unisex wood sunglasses

The bubinga and ebony model is called ´New York´ and is a real unisex model. This model will fit anybody with its neutral wayfarer-ish style. It is not a very wide pair of sunglasses, only 138mm wide, which is less wide than for instance the Bangkok. This makes this model also very good for women again.

Both these models have polarized lenses and protect against UVA and UVB radiation. So, if you’re looking for a real wood look this summer and are in need of something really special, we recommend you these two new triple layered wood sunglasses from GoWood.

Check out our two new models by following these links:
Retro womens sunglasses made of ebony and maple wood
Unisex wood sunglasses made of bubinga and ebony

unisex wood sunglasses New York

retro womens sunglasses Milan