Wood Sunglasses Rio

New style wood sunglasses Rio with special one piece lens

One piece lens

We are happy to introduce our new style wood sunglasses for the summer of 2018, Rio! Similar to the Los Angeles line, this pair of sunglasses is produced with a polycarbonate plastic front, this time in frosted white. The polycarbonate front however, is carved in a way so that the lens(es) are not clicked inside the space for each eye, but the lens is actually assembled on top. This allows for the lens to become one piece for both eyes, including the bridge. This is what sets this style apart from the rest and is bound to be an eye catcher when wearing them!


We love unisex sunglasses, because it makes shopping on our website just so much easier. At first site, this style may seem to have a tendency to be more feminine, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. It looks equally good on men as well, as you can see below!

Walnut wood sunglasses Rio IV with regular dark grey lens

Photographer: Driftwood Pictures. Model: Louis Lay

Four styles – three reflective lenses and regular dark grey

We have introduced four different styles: combinations of wood with lens colours that we felt go well together.

You can check out all four models by following the links above. If you have any questions regarding this new style, please feel free to contact us anytime.