Square frame sunglasses

Square sunglasses – natural sustainable sunglasses for men and women

Square frame sunglasses

New to the GoWood product line are the square sunglasses: Sydney! Similar to the Los Angeles line, the front is made of polycarbonate, which is strong and lightweight, while the legs are made of real natural wood. Currently we offer two styles, both with dark grey lenses:
1. Frosted grey front with natural bamboo legs
2. Black front with natural walnut wood legs

The square frame sunglasses have a resemblance to the wayfarer style. The difference is that the bottom part of the front frame is wider. This creates a square, while the corners are still beautifully rounded. We’d like to think of it as a more classy, sophisticated look. The frosted grey front adds to the uniqueness of this style with it’s semi transparent frame and matching bamboo legs. The combination of a black front with walnut wood legs has proven to be a winner for the Los Angeles style, therefore it was only logical we added this combination to the Sydney line as well.

Square bamboo wood sunglasses

Natural and sustainable sunglasses

As you may know already, bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants (not a tree). As a result, natural bamboo wood is one of the most sustainable wood types for production. The plant is easy to grow in large numbers, the wood is strong and extremely light, meaning its characteristics are excellent for the production of wood accessories. Reduce the amount of plastics by choosing a more sustainable material: natural bamboo. It is simply better for the environment.

Polarized sunglasses meaning

One of the most frequently asked questions, is whether or not our sunglasses are polarized. The short answer is yes! To elaborate a little though, we’d like to explain briefly what the meaning is of polarized sunglasses. Polarized sunglasses have tiny (often horizontal) slats or blinds in the lens, invisible for the bare eye. As a result, any reflection that comes through the lens is reduced in strength, effectively causing you to have less eye strain and having to squint less.

If you’d like proof if your eyewear is actually polarized, there is a very simple method to test it out. You will need two pairs of sunglasses, which are both supposed to be polarized. If you hold one pair in front of the other and you look through both the pair’s lenses, you should see through correctly. Now turn one of the pairs clockwise or counter clockwise at 90 degrees. If the lenses are both polarized, you will not, or barely, be able to look through both lenses now. The reason is simple; if the lenses are (horizontally) polarized and they are in a 90 degree angle from each other, no actual light can reach your eye anymore as all light is entirely blocked. If any of the two pairs is not polarized, this trick won’t work.

The square sunglasses Sydney have polarized and UV400 protective lenses. So you’re not only stylish with this pair, but also safe.