Sunglasses trends summer 2016

Sunglasses trends for summer 2016 for men and women

Summer is on its way! What are the sunglasses trends for summer 2016?

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With the temperatures rising and the terrasses getting fuller on these beautiful spring sunny days, more and more people are looking towards buying new sunglasses. And with the thought of having to slip on a dress or a pair of shorts, we all start smiling on the inside. Sunglasses are carefully picked to compliment our sunny outfits, as they are more than an accessory to protect our eyes: they are a fashion statement. But what are the trends for 2016 and what styles should you avoid? We put together an easy to read resume of the top 5 most important sunglasses trends for summer 2016, so you can stay on top of your game.

1. Oversized sunglasses

In 2015 oversized sunglasses were already popular, but for 2016 they have proven they are here to stay. While you might think this is mainly directed at women, this is actually also the case for men. Think about about oversized aviators for men and cat-eye or odd-sized oversized sunglasses for women. This is of course not set in stone. As you can see on the photos it is just easy to see oversized aviators on women and other oversized sunglasses on men. Cat-eyes particularly are still very trendy for women.

sunglasses trends for summer 2016 oversized1sunglasses trends for summer 2016 oversized2

Photo credits: Kimberly from ChicConfidential, Nico from Pour La Mode

2. Mirrored lenses and dark lenses

We see an increase in popularity in mirrored lenses. This type of lens is definitely enjoying an upstreak right now and the most used and popular color is blue-reflective. Reflective lenses can be put in any type of (classic) frame, such as wayfarers, round sunglasses or even the new so called Naviator (which is a square like Aviator). Other reflective colored lenses are in too. While mirrored lenses are very popular right now, the second best lens is still the dark lens. We are seeing some colored and yellow lenses for women, but not often and definitely not for men.

sunglasses trends for summer 2016 reflective1sunglasses trends for summer 2016 reflective2

Photo credits: Chanel via Fashionisers, Lens Pick

3. Colorful frames

Bright colorful frames were already trending in 2015, but they will be trendy still in 2016. Thick colorful frames with dark lenses is the best choice here. Also translucid colored frames are in, think of semi-transparant colored frames with dark lenses.

sunglasses trends for summer 2016 colorful1sunglasses trends for summer 2016 colorful2

Photo credits: Stella McCarthy via Fashioners, Roselyn from TheStyleForage

4. Classic styles

Classics are classics, because they are timeless. This shows to be valid for 2016 as well as they are still trending and recommended on many fashion websites. Hence, they will be an excellent and safe choice for 2016. The classic Wayfarer has been worn by many, including many celebrities and its immense popularity is not going to fade away anytime soon. Combine the wayfarer with reflective lenses for both men and women. Retro style semi-rimless classic the Clubmaster is also still a great choice for a classic frame for 2016. We are seeing a thicker browline for men, so the part on top has become higher and thicker. Combined with a mirrored lens will make for a unique and trendy pair. Furthermore, classics like Persol (you know, from Steve McQueen) for the sophisticated man or round sunglasses for the more alternative man are also still very much in.

sunglasses-trends-summer-2016-classic1sunglasses trends for summer 2016 classic2

Photo credits: Taylor Pictures, GoWood

5. Wood sunglasses

We are seeing a more refined wooden eyewear trend for 2016. Thinner frames and more sophisticated styles. For wood frames the trend for 2016 is natural, warm and calm colors: brown, natural wood brown. Different frame styles are making it into the wood sunglasses market. Beautifully handcrafted frames combined with reflective lenses will defintely be an eye-catcher for the summer of 2016.

sunglasses trends for summer 2016 wood1sunglasses trends for summer 2016 wood2

Photo credits: Samantha from TorontoStyle, Zineb from Bibouzi

If you would like to learn more about the sunglasses trends for summer 2016 and dig a bit deeper into what styles are trending, we recommend visiting the following sites: Fahsionisers, The Zenni Blog and GQ Magazine.

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