Sunglasses top 5

Top 5 of our favorite sunglasses styles

Wouldn’t you agree that an original pair of sunglasses complements your outfit and gives it the “wow” you’re looking for? Let this top 5 of sunglasses styles below help you pick the right pair to complement your outfit this spring!

1. Light colored Bamboo wooden sunglasses like our Dublin or Hamptons models just look awesome and is our all time favorite.

Top 5 favorite style #1
Light colored bamboo wooden sunglasses.

2. Dark black oversized sunglasses for women. A very similar model will be available soon in our shop.

Top 5 favorite style #2
Oversized feminine look.

3. We love the combination of red sunglasses with jeans. Looking for the same look? Check out our Red skateboard wood sunglasses ‘Montreal’.

Top 5 favorite style #3
Red colored sunglasses.

4. Black wayfarer sunglasses gives you the perfect rock look. Our Los Angeles model is the same wayfarer style and has a fun twist with natural bamboo legs.

Top 5 favorite style #7
Black wayfarer sunglasses.

5. An ever popular model: the Clubmaster. The perfect pair for all the hipsters out there. Goes very well with neat/casual outfits like a jacket and jeans.

Top 5 favorite style #5
The clubmaster style sunglasses.