Walnut wood classic wayfarer sunglasses

Walnut wood classic wayfarer sunglasses

Walnut wood classic wayfarer sunglasses

Wayfarer sunglasses remain one of the most popular styles of all times. We do not only see this in the number of units sold, but also in the vast variety of colors and materials used to produce them. The Bangkok and the Los Angeles are the two most popular styles from Go Wood, followed by the New York I and the New York II. To further expand on the variety available for the most popular models, we are now introducing a new style of walnut wood classic wayfarer sunglasses, the Los Angeles III.

The Los Angeles line

The Los Angeles line has a plastic front with wood temples. The first and second style with bamboo legs and dark or blue lenses has been one of the most popular styles since the launch of Go Wood itself. Recently, we have improved the quality of the Los Angeles line by replacing the hinges for flexible ones. This means that the legs for all our sunglasses are now outward bendable for a more comfortable fit and less chance on breakage.

While the version with bamboo legs has had tremendous traction, we do notice a switch in preference from customers towards the darker woods. Hence, it was only logical to combine walnut with the Los Angeles. We introduced a try-out at the Jackalope festival here in Montreal and the result has been overwhelming. It became the best sold item on the festival for us.

Classic wayfarer sunglasses
Los Angeles I
Classic wayfarer sunglasses with blue mirrored lenses
Los Angeles II
Walnut wood classic wayfarer sunglasses
Los Angeles III

Now that this hot style is in full production, we are happy to have it available on our webshop. Check out the beautiful classic wayfarer sunglasses with walnut legs. And for a full autumn walnut look, you can always combine this sophisticated style with a walnut iPhone 5 or 6 case.

Wood iPhone 7(S) and Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge cases

Soon we will also be introducing walnut and bamboo phone cases for the iPhone 7 and the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. They are currently being produced and we expect them to be available within a month. If you already own an iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy S7 and are looking to combine the walnut sunglasses with a walnut case, then you can do so in a few weeks!

Enjoy autumn and the beautiful change of colors!