15W Fast Charge Wood Wireless Charger (Imperfect)


15W fast wood wireless charger with imperfections

Ever wonder what we do with production batches that aren’t exactly perfect? Well, we put them aside. But as you can imagine, over the years we start to accumulate a heap of good products that just aren’t 100% perfect in looks, but still are 100% perfect in functionality!

We felt it was time we’d offer these products for sale as well. After all, it’s better for the environment and it would be a shame to see good products go to waste!

So if you don’t mind a small scratch, an imperfect finish or a spot or two on your charger, you can now get a perfectly good functioning wood wireless charger with 33% discount.

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Fast charge walnut wood wireless charger
15W Fast Charge Wood Wireless Charger (Imperfect)
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